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In Month #1 you’ll begin with assessing your Mind.

This step of the TRU wellTH Assessment will help you to understand what your current mindset is around being healthy and it will help you to identify any blindspots that may be unconsciously stopping you from moving toward your goal of getting healthy and staying healthy.

You’ll also discover the mindset required to improve your health in the shortest time possible.

Plus you’ll learn easy to implement techniques to support your mind, some of which won’t cost you any extra time or money yet they will have a huge impact on your health!


In Month #2 you’ll assess your Body to determine where it’s at currently.

This will help you to see if there are any imbalances, infections, toxicities or anything that needs to be addressed.

This step of the Assessment process will help you more deeply understand what’s going on with your body so you can support it in the best way possible. 

You’ll also learn how to determine the types of testing to consider along with how to have powerful conversations with your practitioners so you are heard and supported.


In Month #3 you’ll assess your full Environment.

This will help you to identify the things that are supporting your health along with anything that may be negatively affecting it.

You’ll also discover quick and easy ways to upgrade your environment to create one that fully supports your health on all levels.


In Month #4 you’ll assess your Nutrition. 

During this step you’ll discover the different factors that contribute to the foods that are best for you to eat based on different aspects, including what you learned in both the Body and Environment Assessments.

What’s important about this step is that as our body and environment changes so do the foods that best support us. 

For example: If you have leaky guy certain foods are recommended. If you have food allergies, you’ll want to avoid certain foods. If you’re experiencing mold exposure currently there are different foods to eat and to avoid, etc.

This module will completely change the way you look at food and the different diets that are out there. 


In Month #5 you’ll create your unique Health Strategy.

During this step you’ll take everything from the previous 4 modules and create a powerful strategy that will support you with getting better in the shortest time possible along with staying better long term.

This is a plan that you’ll be able to share with those around you as well so they can support you on your health journey.


In Month #6 you’ll create your Action Plan.

This plan will support you with continually taking action so you consistently move toward your goals.

It will also include your strategy to create a support system moving forward so you have stability and accountability around your health.

Know that this 6 month program will give you everything you need to Take Control of Your Health so you can get better and stay better!

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